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Can my water feature be used outdoors?

Yes, the core range is designed to be used outdoors. Our water features have their colours baked in during the manufacturing process so the colours do not peel under the harsh New Zealand sun. The resin they are made from is rated UV stable under European conditions. We do find they can fade slightly when exposed to all day New Zealand sun, it is usually by 15% or so. 

Can my water feature be used indoors?

If the water feature is of the no splash variety and it's on a tiled or lino area, absolutely.

How often do water features need cleaning?

Cleaning is done on a need by basis. If your water feature is located in the full sun, it will require more cleaning. Products can be added which lessen the inevitable slime. They can be purchased from here

Can I pickup my purchase to save on freight?

Absolutely. We are located in New Brighton, Christchurch. Email to arrange a time.

How do I pay?

Cash upon pick up is fine otherwise payment is made via online banking. Banking details are sent via email once product is chosen. No eftpos facilities on site sorry.

How well packaged are they for sending?

Very. When placing orders with the factory, We specify extra protection packaging inside the cartons to avoid any mishaps when the water features are being couriered.

My pump is vibrating?

Because the water pumps impeller is constantly rotating, the pump can sometimes produce a vibrating sound. This is usually when the pump is against the wall of your water feature. All it takes is to reposition the pump until it stops vibrating. If that fails, a sponge can be placed under the pump to absorb any movement. This problem usually only occurs in metal water features.

How long is the warranty?

Urban Water features offers a one year warranty on factory faults for water features, pumps and transformers. Bulbs are not covered under warranty. All water features are checked for quality before sending. 

Do I need a Electrician or Plumber to intall?

In some cases you need a plug installed by an electrician but often not. Because the pump and lights run on 12 volt, as oposed to 240 volt, there is no need to bury cables. The cables are 10m long and are often run to a garage, shed or through a window to a power source.

Our water features do not require a mains water hook up. They are kept full via your garden hose or watering can. 

My pump doesn't work, what can I do?

Sometimes with a brand new pump, the turning part inside - the impeller, can become sticky and not rotate until it is freed. This can quite often be fixed with a firm tap to the side of the pump. If that fails the second option is to follow the pump instructions that are supplied and dismantle the pump to free the impeller by hand. All very straight forward